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The Experience of a Lightworker

Andrea L. Light

My name is Andrea Light. I am a Lightworker & Reiki Master in Honolulu. My wish is to make the world aware of what it means to be spiritual, in the universal energy sense. I have a yearning to help others cut ties with negative energy, heal traumas & raise vibrations of the individual, and of the collective. Along the way, I will bring on other Lightworkers from the spiritual community in Hawaii, who can share their experiences, discuss their gifts and explain how they are working to raise vibrations for individuals and the collective. I will also be sharing some of my profound energetic spiritual experiences, experiences that give me faith that there is life beyond death, and that universal energy is real and omnipresent. My hope is that by sharing these fascinating experiences, you will be inspired to start your own spiritual journey & raise your vibrations; raising the vibrations of each individual, helps raise the vibrations of the collective. Mahalo, peace, love and light.